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About Us

   Total Care Driving  School is a motoring school that offers a wide range of services for new and experienced drivers in Dublin.

Our mission is to provide services of high standard such as driving classes, Approved Driving Instructor training, pre-test driving lessons and in-class lessons.

 Our instructors are capable and experienced.


         Safety   Rewarding   Professional



     Safety – We promote safety driving, we teach our customers that driving in a safety manner is extremely important in order to protect yourself, your family and the order road users. We think that driving is a privilege and a major responsibility, not a right. 


     Rewarding – learning to drive is very rewarding. You learn a skill for life.


     Professional – our instructors are ADI approved that deliver the lessons to very high standards and in a professional manner.





     “If you feel like there’s


something out there that you’re


supposed to be doing, if you


have a passion for it, then stop


wishing and just do it.”                            

Wanda Sykes

How the passion you had as a child can drive the dreams of your life



   Thanks to her father, a professional driver who worked for many years for a travel agency, Loredana travelled the country long and wide.

 This allowed her to gain insight into the world of driving, and she instantly fell in love with cars.

   Loredana loved to sit beside her father and admire his driving skills. Her father taught her everything he knew about cars and how to drive.


   At the age of 16, she was sitting where generations of fathers have sat, pressing down on pedals, driving better than an experienced adult.

 She went to college to study law, and after a few years, moved with her husband to Ireland.

           Today's learners, tomorrow's drivers.

   One day her daughter turned 18, and she got her driving licence. Now, it was Loredana's turn to teach her daughter how to drive as her father did years ago.

  She realises that the passion she had as a child can drive the dreams of her life. Now,Total Care Driving School was born.

        Total Care Driving School is a company "built by a woman inspired by a father".


   Now, she wants to share her passion and all she has learnt throughout the 30 years of driving.


    Total Care Driving School has:

 -  RSA approved and qualified professional instructors;

 - Dual-Controlled Vehicles;

 - Cars are fully insured for your training.

    Hybrid and electric cars are the future, especially since they are the key technology in reducing future emissions.

   Mobility is expected to increase a lot in the future, and a big challenge is to reduce energy consumption. 

  Total Care Driving School is open to new technologies.

Fall in love with your driving

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