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Answers to your questions

  • Why do people fail their driving test?
    The main mistakes identified include: -Lack of reaction to hazards on the road -Not taking correct observation when reaching junctions -Lack of vehicle control -Use of foot controls -Inadequate judgement with respects to clearance -Inadequate judgement with respects to anticipation of other road users -Incorrect positioning of vehicle at junctions and roundabouts -Lack. of control of the vehicle while observing on the reverse/turnabout maneuver.
  • What happens on the day of the test?
    - inside the office before the Driving Test you will be asked verbal and Road Sign Questions; - at the car you will be asked technical questions; - inside of the car you will be asked secondary questions; - inside of the car you will be asked hand signal questions; - you have to execute the reverse and turnabout manoeuvres; - you have to do a hill start; - at the end of the test your driving faults will be explained and how to correct them. Before the test we will explain you: - the manner in which the Driving Tester will give you commands during your driving test; - you will be shown the driving test routes that the Driving Tester could bring you on the day of your test.
  • What happens on the first driving lesson?
    The Instructor will pick up student at arranged time and place. Our Driving Instructor will introduce himself/herself, and show the instructor license. The instructor will also check the student’s license. The Instructor will then ask if the student had any previous driving experience at another Driving School and level of knowledge of the Irish road rules. The student will then be driven away to stop in a quiet area where the instructor will change seats with student. He will then proceed with the first lesson. Before each driving lesson the driving instructor will have a lesson planned to suit the student’s abilities. At the end of each lesson the driving instructor will record the hours in student’s log book. Then book the next lesson.
  • Preparing for your driving test.
    The driving test checks if you’re properly trained and ready to drive safely by yourself on public roads. The test takes between 50 and 100 minutes depending on the category of test. It’s a combination of questions to test your knowledge and a practical test of your driving skills and awareness. It checks: a What you know about the Rules of the Road, road signs, basic vehicle roadworthiness and maintenance, vehicle controls and more b Your ability to perceive risk and act accordingly c Your awareness of hazards d Your knowledge and application of good driver behaviour e Your ability to safely and competently drive a vehicle under a variety of road and traffic conditions.
On the day of your driving test
During your driving test
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