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Your Driver’s License

Is Just A Click Away!

Regardless of the stage in your life or what part of Dublin you live in, getting your driver's licence is a big achievement. Obtaining your driver's licence opens up a wide range of opportunities. It gives you the freedom to travel and makes it much easier to get a job.

                             Our company our mission

   Total Care Driving  School is a motoring school that offers a wide range of services for new and experienced drivers in Dublin. Our mission is to provide services of high standard such as driving classes, Approved Driving Instructor training, pre-test driving lessons and in-class lessons.

     The Only way to save money is to PASS FASTER! For this you will need an instructor who is capable and experienced.


                                         Safety   Rewarding   Professional



       Safety – We promote safety driving, we teach our customers that driving in a safety manner is extremely important in order to protect yourself, your family and the order road users. We think that driving is a privilege and a major responsibility, not a right. 


        Rewarding – learning to drive is very rewarding. You learn a skill for life.


        Professional – our instructors are ADI approved that deliver the lessons to very high standards and in a professional manner.


"  Having failed a couple of driving tests before, I was feeling quite anxious about my  upcoming test in Finglas.

​  I got in touch with the Driving School and quickly heard from Loredana, who fit me in for  some pre-test lessons and car hire for the test while other schools couldn't at short notice.

   Loredana was a patient teacher and easily identified and corrected my mistakes, making me feel calm and confident and ready for my test!


Delighted to have passed my test; thank you! ''          Gwyneth Lynch


''   Would really recommend Loredana struggled a lot with my driving until I got her.

    Passed first time with her.''   Ciara Doogan


Nauê Tunes


  '' I did 6 lessons with Loredana and it was amazing! She gave me all the tips and I passed my driving test the first time! Highly recommend her! ''


Samara Zourob

" I highly recommend Loredana, I found her calming, positive personality easier to relax on the roads and focus on driving. She brought me down every route possible in my area for the test and continuously offered me tips and guidance. I am extremely appreciative to her and wouldn’t have passed my test without her."

Frances McVey

" Passed my test first time after just 3 sessions with Loredana. I have previously had 4 different instructors and never felt ready or confident to do the test. Loredana gave me confidence, was very calm all the time, always nice, never made me feel 'silly' for a mistake. And was just able to really focus in on what to do to get my ready for the test. I wouldn't have passed without her guidance. Thanks!!! "

'" Passed my test yesterday thanks to the help with Pre-Tests with Loredana.


    Couldn't recommend her enough''.  Ian Omara

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" Profesional and friendly

A big thank you to my instructor Loredana, she is very patient, understanding, professional and a good motivator. She makes good jokes to make you feel relaxed.

Very friendly and a good listener. She will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver.

She gives different driving techniques and at the end of your course you will feel your confidence on the road, checking of mirrors and speed will become natural to you, she doesn't blame you if you did wrong instead she motivates you and lifts your spirit. I'd never thought driving would become easier with her.

I PASS my driving test the FIRST time thanks to her.

Feeling proud to be one of your students. Highly recommended.

You will never go wrong. Many thanks, Loredana. Thumbs up."   Mihai - Dublin

" Loredana really did a great job helping me pass my test! On my 1st sit, I Pass my driving test so delighted! Thanks for all your help!" Jen Jian pass the test in Raheny

" I am glad Loredana found a place for 2 hours pretest session within very short notice as my instructor couldn't find time in his busy pandemic schedule.


Loredana showed me multiple testing routes in Raheny, gave me advice on my driving and cheered me up before the test." Nadia pass first time in Raheny



" Thanks a million, Loredana. You are a life saver. God bless you"

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